SCS manufacture a range of head and secondary scrapers, with rubber, polyurethane and tungsten carbide blades.
Head Scrapers – There are two types of head scraper the first is the Polyurethane Head Scraper which has a pure polyurethane blade, the second is the Tungsten Carbide Head Scraper which has an identical shape blade except it has a tungsten carbide blade moulded into the tip.
Both head scrapers use the same brackets and tensioned system, which holds the blades on the belt by use of stainless steel double spring loaded mechanism.  The tensioning system is simple and therefore easy to maintain and check.
The blades are for both head scrapers are held using a bolt and threaded captive bar in the blade itself.  The standard blades for both types of head scraper are 150mm wide and 75mm half blades are available for the Polyurethane Head Scraper to maximize scraped width.

Tungsten Carbide Secondary Scrapers
– Is mounted using a pillar screw arrangement, underneath the belt.  The polyurethane bushes take up any movement in the belt to prevent damage.
The mounting assembly (from the shaft) and blades for the secondary scraper are 100mm wide, thus giving good flexibility to uneven bumps in the belt.

Other Scrapers
– Rubber and polyurethane can be supplied in any size for simple counter weighted scrapers and replacement blades can be supplied for older style scrapers such as the “T” element and Toblerone scrapers.  If you have a problem obtaining a blade or element for your scraper we may be able to help.

Not sure what type of scraper you need, please contact us we’ll be only to happy to help.